A European pilgrimage route through coastal Ostrobothnia. Connects up with the Norwegian-Swedish route St. Olavsleden, which leads to Trondheim.

A total of 500 km long when complete, which will be in 2030 at the latest, in time for the 1000-year celebration of the Nordic countries.


A “pilgrimage lifestyle” can be described using seven key concepts:

freedom, simplicity, silence,  lack of worry, lack of hurry,  spirituality, sharing.

Travelling along a pilgrimage route can be a way of “unplugging” – being less online, closer to nature, more in touch with oneself. Perhaps also closer to someone you want to spend more time with, or someone you meet along the way.

Walking (or cycling) a long way is physical, but it doesn’t have to be strenuous, if the pace is right.

Video: Kaj Lindh